Stacey's Place

Our Story

Made by hand, with heart and hand.


Stacey’s Place started out as a dream of friends to collaborate together, to harness our creativity, and to do what makes us happy.

We have had the good fortune of acquiring old doors, barn wood, cabinetry and other materials that has enabled us to begin to fulfill this dream.

The goal: to create beautiful items for the home through ideas that we have and the ability to make customized items for our customers.

We have met so many wonderful people along our journey, from farmers to the city, that have helped us along the way.



Vintage Inspiration

Inspiration can come from different places.  Our designs are inspired by just about anything, from an old photo, to a favorite saying.  Let us help you create your own personal style on a product that will bring color and intimacy into any room. Our vibrant pieces can be custom made to add originality to your home.  We love the quality of vintage items and the detailed craftmanship of many of these pieces.

Small Batches

Everything we do is custom made and personalized for each client.  We have fun creating our own sayings. Quotes near and dear to our hearts, things that remind us of our friendships and things that just make us giggle. We can customize any board, cabinet, piece of wood to whatever your hearts desire. So share with us your favorites and we will make it. Consider it your own. Our inventory comes from years of searching for new and different pieces, antique finds at estate sales and the luck of finding thousands of old cabinet doors. We have many ideas perfect for any situation and HOLIDAY décor for that time of the season.

From The Heart

Everything we do, comes from a place of love. It fills our hearts with gratitude to make someone smile.  We all have our favorites.  Let us make you your new favorite thing. We are constantaly on the search for old pieces that inspire us to create something "new".